Enterprises and Investment consultation

  1. Establishment and Business Registration
  2. Change to contents of business registration: change to the name or address of the head office, branch, representative office, the objectives and lines of business, the charter capital, the quantity of shares which may be offered for sale, the invested capital of the owner of an enterprise, or any change of the legal representative of an enterprise and other matters included in the business registration documents
  3. Corporate governance
  4. Re-organization (M&A, division, separation, merger, consolidation or conversion of an enterprise), Dissolution and Bankruptcy of Enterprises procedures.
  5. Temporary suspension of business procedures
  6. Investment:  Forms of direct investment (1. To establish economic organizations in the form of one hundred (100) per cent capital of domestic investors or (100) per cent capital of foreign investors; 2. To establish joint venture economic organizations between domestic and foreign investors; 3. To invest in the contractual forms of: BCC ; BO; BTO; and BT; 4. To invest in business development; 5. To purchase shares or to contribute capital in order to participate in management of investment activities; 6. To invest in the carrying out of a merger and acquisition of an enterprise; 7. To carry out other forms of direct investment.); Procedures for registration / certification or adjust the contents of  the certificate of registration of investment; Procedures for registration of investment in respect of domestic investment projects; Procedures for registration of investment in respect of foreign invested projects; Evaluation of investment projects; Procedures for evaluation with respect to projects which have an invested capital of three hundred (300) billion Vietnamese dong or more and which are not included in the list of sectors of investment subject to conditions; Procedures for evaluation in respect of projects on the list of sectors of investment subject to conditions; Procedures for investments involving establishment of economic organization; Amendment of investment projects; Commencement of Implementation of Investment Projects; Dispute resolution....


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